Sep 24, 2013

How to Tell WiFi Password When Your Friends and Neighbor Ask for it

You got tired of telling your family and friends asking for the WiFi password? Neighbor asked your WiFi password and you feel awkward to spell out? Don’t worry; here is a smart way to share your wifi password, without actually telling them. We are going to turn your WiFi password into a QR code and print them. People can actually scan the QR code with their barcode scanner app and directly connect to WiFi without asking for the password.
QR code generator has lot of options to customize from creating your business contact card, geo location, phone number, text, URL and WiFi network.
share wifi in qr code
Select to WiFi network, enter your SSID, password and network type. Once you’re done, click generate button to get the QR code image. You can download the image to your PC or print them.

Where can we use this method?

You can actually use this method when your friends and neighbor ask for WiFi password. You can even use this on social media meets, small conferences etc.
share wifi in qr code
Actually there is a small issue using this method. In the app store, there are lots of QR code scanners. The one am using is barcode scanner. If your friends use any other app other than barcode scanner, they will see your password in plain text.
We are actually going to tell the password anyway, so this isn’t a big issue I hope. At least you won’t have them type down each character.