Jan 17, 2011

Hack Trick To Make Free Anonymous Calls To India Instantly

Hi friends , I hope you all are fine. Now A days their are many service that alows free calling but all are frauds , cheaters and in name of free they are looting us.

Not wasting your much time I want to tell you that I have found a way for free calling .
Get 10 min. Free Anonymous calling amount for an 30 sec. registration .
just read out this full post to know more

1.Visit the site Mobivox

2.Register a account using a Valid Email ID its Free.

       (click to enlarge)

3.Verify the Account by logging in to your email id.

4.Login to your account in Mobivox.

5.Click Direct WebCall

6.Enter your mobile number in the first Field.

7.Click Call Now


After some seconds your Friend/slave will get a call from unsuall number

If your friend attends it you will see this screen and your friend will hear a Computer voice.

I am sure that any one will be curious even to attend the call from unsuall number

Now your mobile will ring .Once you attend it you can speak with your friend Anonymously ,why because no identity about you will be mentioned to your friend .Your friend will not know with which number they are talking to Even in call details it would be registered as call from their own number..