Sep 24, 2013

5 Best Programs to Design House Floor Plans

Some of my friends are in the construction industry. Few own the business and other friends work as engineers and project managers. I usually hear different stories about their clients who are very choosy in designing their home floor plan, layout of rooms etc. If you’re remodeling your house or building new home design, here are few programs that allow you to design your own home floor plans. Anyway you are going to let a professional design your home floor plan, but before that why don’t you try your hands on floor plan design?
You very well know about your family size and their lifestyle, so it is easy for you to design a floor plan that suits your lifestyle. You know what you want and by designing the floor plan by yourself can avoid lot of unwanted stuff, provide more space, design access to important areas and more.
Autodesk Homestyler
Autodesk homestyler is a free online tool that provides access to home design software developed by Autodesk. You can create interior design plans and remodeling with a simple drag and drop products. All your designs are displayed in a 3D view. It is completely free and web based. You don’t have to install any software in your PC.
You can check out their gallery of house designs to get an idea of how to design master bedroom, indoor and outdoor living, modular kitchen etc.
Floor planner is an online home floor plan builder to create floor plans and then view them in 3D perspective. This is free online tool for one project, more than one can opt for an annual economic plan. You can sign up with another email ID to create new floor plans for free. With floor planner, you can create stunning 3D floor plans and embed it on your construction website.
Placepad is a minimal floor plan generator. Unlike the above two with high graphics, placepad allows anyone to create an interactive floor plan with photos, notes. You can create a basic floor plan, no furniture, no textures, no 3D. It just adds enough contexts and a simple floor design.
Roomle is one of the best online floor planning and sketching tool to create unlimited floor plans for free. You can draw the floor plans quickly, add windows, doors just by dragging and dropping, add walls, etc. Finally you can display it in 3D.
floor planner
Flash floor plan is desktop software with a drag and drop facilities to create room layouts, furniture are loaded into palette that can be drag and dropped onto a floor plan. It has both free and paid versions. Free version is open source software and has all the major features of flash floor plan. Give it a try!