Sep 24, 2013

3 Websites to Download Music from is a popular music sharing site where you can upload your songs and allow friends to listen to it. They can hear sound tracks from and also the original uploader can configure to download the song with a limit. How to download from soundcloud when download limit is reached? What if the uploader has disabled download option and you want to download from soundcloud listen only songs? Here is a quick method to solve the download issue on

Download Songs from Soundcloud without download button

These 2 online sites allow you to download music from for free. You can download any song from soundcloud without download button or even when the download limit is reached. All you need to do is, just copy paste the soundcloud song URL from your address bar and paste it on the website. You get the download option to download the song.

How to download from

downlaod from soundcloud (1)
There isn’t much to describe about the application. It is so easy to use it. Copy paste the soundcloud song URL from your address bar and paste it on the website.  Within seconds, you get the download option. The song from gets download to your PC at 320kbps for free.
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Sound drain is another alternative to download songs from soundcloud. You don’t need to download any application to your PC. The download process completely takes place online. No signup, registration stuff. Just simply copy paste the URL from soundcloud and download the songs for free.

Why I don’t see a download button on

If you don’t see a ‘download’ button, it means the person who posted it did not intend for it to be downloadable. No worries, you can download any song from soundcloud for free.
This website acts as both soundcloud music player and downloader. With its search bar you can search for track to listen and even download them. It displays set of popular tags if you’re confused about what to listen to.
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You can browse easily, search for tracks, stream music, create playlist, share it with your friends and finally you can download music from