Sep 24, 2013

How To Know If My Gmail account is Hacked ?

Today I found a security website that tells me whether my email account is hacked or not. You can check If your Gmail ID is hacked. Worrying whether your account hacked ? Previously had written about some methods to protect email accounts from getting hacked. Also how to recover Gmail ID when it is hacked. One of the recovery questions is to enter the email ID creation date. Learn here to find out your gmail ID creation date.
Hackers is not the right word to be used here because hackers do exploiting security vulnerabilities. But, most of the time our email accounts gets hacked due to our carelessness. Its like a guy who leaves his car window open with his wallet in his seat. It is likely that the being stolen by a amateur thief! We must take some basic precautions in terms of email.
What is the most basic precaution measure that you can take ? A strong password is necessary. You can use online services to create ultra strong passwords. How ever, if you want to find out whether email account is secure or compromised ? Here is a quick method.
Should I Change MY Password is a online security service that helps you in finding whether you email account has been compromised or not. It’s a free service that allows you to anonymously check if your password has been compromised.
This service collects email data & passwords that have been compromised & hacked. They collect these data which are leaked online and store in their database. so that you can easily check whether your email addresses and passwords have been included in any of these breaches. Their database contains over 13 million email addresses which have been released by hackers, and this list continues to grow. If you want to know the source, click this link to learn.
Enter your email address in the text box and it will tell you whether it has been compromised or not. If you find that your in danger, don’t panic. Follow their 10-steps guide to recover your email address and also protect email id in future.