Sep 24, 2013

Alternative Method To Subscribe Websites Which Don’t Offer Email Subscription

From the title of the blog post you can easily guess what we are going to discuss, its about a simple web app that is going to help you in receiving your favorite blogs, feeds and news delivered to your inbox. Normally almost every website/blog that delivers news information will have a email subscription option to their readers so that they can get the news information delivered to their email inbox for daily reading. What if some website don’t provide the option and you need to get the articles delivered to your email ?
Unfortunately if the website or blog don’t offer subscription by email, RSS or neither. It’s terrible, but it’s nothing that has no solution. If you use Google reader to catch up with all the website news and blog feeds, then you can simply enter the website URL in the Google reader subscribe box and follow the site easily. If you use Email subscription to read the articles from your email inbox, then you can feed into your email only if the blog provides the option. If it doesn’t provide, here is an excellent service called ‘Blogtrottr’.
Blogtrottr delivers updates from all of your favourite news, feeds, and blogs directly to your email inbox, giving you the flexibility to stay updated whilst on the go. All you need to do is, just enter the feed URL, your email address and how often you want to receive news by email (eg, 2 hours or a day).
For people who’re not used to RSS feeds, how do you find the RSS feed of a website ? You can find them easily by locating a orange color button located at the top of the website. For eg : In this website, you can find the link to RSS feed at top right side bar. If you still find it difficult, here is a chrome extension that helps you find the RSS feed of any website that you visit. It adds one click subscription to your toolbar.
The Blogtrottr service is completely free. The highlight is, it offers real time updates via email. When ever a blog or website publishes a article, you get the information immediately to your email inbox. You can enjoy reading the whole article inside your email interface without need to visit the website. Also there is no limit to subscribe as many feeds you want.
If you feel that your email will be cluttered, then here is a quick idea that I found. Using blogtrottr service you can easily customize email subjects that you get. So when you make the subscription, you customize the email subject to a pattern. Then go to your Gmail inbox settings, label/tag the emails with the subject line that you’ve customized. So, it doesn’t clutter your inbox.
When ever the email arrives from blogtrottr subscription, it gets labelled and moved off to separate column. You can go to the specific label and read the articles. There by, it won’t clutter your inbox messages.
Blogtrottr – Real Time RSS to Email Service.