Sep 24, 2013

How to find out if someone is using my computer?

How to spy on a computer? How to prevent other users from logging in Windows computer? You can simply lock your computer using Mazelock software that alerts you if someone tries to login. But you never know who is the person who tried to login? If someone has logged into your computer when you’re away, it will photograph the stranger and sends the photo to Gmail inbox. Cool isn’t it? Today we are going to learn about free computer monitoring software MouseLock.
mouse lock spying software (1)
Mouselock is PC monitor software used to prevent someone to access your computer when you’re away. Say for example if you are away from your computer during lunch time and what if someone tries to login or access your computer? How do we get alert when someone tries to login? Mouselock app takes a picture of the person who tries to login your computer when you’re away. It sends the photo to your Gmail inbox.
Mouse lock, from the name you can guess it right. It locks the mouse and when someone tries to move the mouse, it takes a photo of them. What if he/she access the computer entirely with the keyboard? It also takes pictures of anyone who touches your keyboard. Let’s see how it works.
First you need to sign in with Google. Only if you do, it will send you the photos of people who try to access your PC. Once you click sign in with Google, allow it to access your account.
Then select the mouse secret point. It is from 1-10 numbers. Select any number. Remember the number to access the PC next time. Not a big problem if you forget the number, it just sends your photo to your email inbox. Then it gets unlocked.
mouse lock spying software (3)
Once you’ve done with selecting the secret mouse point number, allow the app to access your web camera. Only if you allow it will be able to capture the person photo and send it to your email inbox. Once you’re done, it will say is your camera and hides to the taskbar. No one will notice that the camera is running silent on the background.
mouse lock spying software (4)
It’s almost done. Now place your mouse cursor into slot and click. That’s it. Your computer mouse and keyboard is locked.
mouse lock spying software (5)
Unless someone touches your mouse/keyboard it gives you 5 seconds time to select the secret mouse point that you’ve selected to unlock the PC. If you don’t select within 5 seconds time, it will photograph your picture and sends it to owners email inbox.
mouse lock spying software (6)
The above image is a screenshot from my Gmail inbox. When someone tried to access my PC when I’m away, it sends me the photo in my Gmail inbox with the exact date and time. Cool isn’t it?
Go try