Sep 24, 2013

Exchange Domain Names – Trade Unused Domain Names for Other Ones

Someone at Hacker news shared an idea – Domain name exchange. How about exchanging your unused domain name for other ones? This is like a simple barter system on domain names. Ramesh Jha a user of Hacker news developed a weekend project called Domain exchanger. The concept is very simple. If you have an unused domain name, you can trade it for a domain that people offer through the site. All you need to do is, submit an exchange offer for the unused listed domain.
Domain Exchanger is a weekend project of Ramesh Jha. It creates a platform to exchange unused domains for the other ones. Similar to a barter system, this idea is developed into an mvp. You need to sign up for a free account with Domain Exchanger.
2-12-2013 10-57-41 PM
Once you’re done, you can start offering your unused domains. Similarly, you can look into recent offers tab for latest domain offers from other users. If you click to exchange your domain with them, you can contact the person.
At the moment, the app allows users to contact the domain name owners directly via email. But I suggest that everything happens within the app.
2-12-2013 10-58-17 PM
One of the users at HN asked about monetizing this app in future, some brilliant suggestions from people. You can read thread here.