Sep 24, 2013

How to Create Custom QR Code Design with Own Images

QR codes are matrix bar codes that can be scanned using a smart phone (android, iPhone) with the help of QR reader apps for android or iPhone.  It is one method to encode a data such as text, URL, address, contacts etc. These days QR codes are widely used by people to promote their business. They print on their business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, T-shirts, business cards etc. You need to encode the type of data depending on the place where you use it.
If you’re using QR code on your business card, you can either encode your business website URL or your phone number or Vcard so that when they scan the QR code, contact details are instantly saved in your smartphone. There is lot of QR Code Generator apps found online. They simply generate a default QR code which looks in black and white design. You cannot customize on the design of QR code, but today we are going to learn how to customize,colorful QR codes that is going to blend well with the image of any type.
Visual Lead QR Generator app allows you to customize your QR code with any image of your choice. You can either browse the image from your PC or just select from the list of images shown by default on the site. Let’s take it for example: I want people to show my twitter profile in a QR code style. So I embed the QR code into a twitter bird image.
Now I have selected the twitter bird image and the app gives me option to embed the QR code. The QR code can contain any information like the twitter profile link url, vCard, YouTube video, Facebook, Follow button on twitter etc.
Once you fill out the details, next step is to select the background color. If you leave it to white, the QR code looks transparent and blends well with the image. So based on your image, you can select the background color for QR code.
Finally you can generate and save the QR image. It requires you to create an account to save the image. If you’re little geeky, you can inspect element, under resources tab, find the generated QR code image, right click and save it without creating an account.
The above QR code generates my twitter profile. Try Visual Lead QR Code Generator.
For business it’s always better to create a QR code with your brand image. Also the benefits of having an account is, you can track and edit your QR code later. You can track and edit all of your Visual QR Code campaigns.