Sep 24, 2013

Add Your Dropbox Files Directly in Facebook Groups

If you’re in a Facebook group, then you can add files from your computer. It can be of doc files or image files. All these days, it allows you to upload files from your computer. Today, dropbox has announced that you can share your dropbox files directly inside Facebook groups.
The file sharing option inside Facebook groups allows you to share docs, study notes with your other group members. To add a file, you need to click the ‘Add file’ on the groups page. This allows you to upload files directly from your dropbox folder. Just like other status updates, people can like/comment on the files you have uploaded. They can share anything within the group.
Once you choose to link Facebook to your Dropbox account, you’ll be able to search through your Dropbox and select what you’d like to share. You can share docs, photos, videos, etc. You can share it directly from dropbox and can be viewed on smartphone and tablet.

3 steps to Link Dropbox to your Facebook account :

1. Click Add file on your groups page
2. For the first time, allow dropbox to access your facebook, once you allow the permission, dropbox is linked to your facebook account.
3. Select the file from the dropbox folders and it will be added to your post.