Sep 24, 2013

App to Send Voice Messages on Facebook

How to leave a voice message to your facebook contacts ? Facebook provides personal messaging platform for all its users. But it supports only text messaging and video messaging with skype integration. Now if you need to send audio messages to facebook friends, you can try out third party apps like Blabber to instant voice messaging facebook friends. You can use it for personal messaging or standard voicemail greetings etc.
Blabber is a free service to easily record and share audio messages via facebook. Blabber makes communicating with your friends more intense. Everybody with a facebook account can use it. The app interface makes it super simple and fun to use.
To record and send your audio messages, you don’t have to install anything on your computer. The app works completely online. You just need to simply allow access to your microphone to get started. No paid plans, the app is 100% free. You can record you messages upto 60 seconds. Let’s learn step by step using this app.
1. First go to
2. Allow it to authorize your facebook profile.
3. Now allow your microphone to access
4. Pick your facebook friends to whom you want to send it.
5. You can select single friend or multiple friends at a time to send the audio message.
6. Click record button to start recording message.
7. It allows upto 60 seconds to record your message. You can stop in between too.
8. Once done, you get to see the preview of it. You can see the preview of your request which is going to be sent.
9. Hit send request. Your friends will get a notification from to listen to your audio messages.
10. When your friends join to listen to your audio messages, you get notifications in your account.