Sep 24, 2013

4 Best SWF to GIF Converters for Mac and Windows

SWF is an adobe flash file format used for vector graphics, multimedia stuff. GIF is an image format which can hold animations in the image file. It uses lossless data compression techniques to reduce the file size without losing the visual quality of the file. You can actually convert video files into GIF image format. In the past we had written about ConvertingYouTube videos into GIF format and also how to turn your videos to GIF in android. GIFDroid is an android app that converts your android videos into GIF.
As said earlier, SWF files are flash files that can be used on websites and for multimedia related stuff. For better SEO reasons, webmasters avoid using SWF flash files on the web; instead GIF image formats get more visibility in the point of SEO. So if you want to convert SWF files to GIF format to use it on websites, here are 4 great software that can convert your SWF flash files into GIF format.
Below is the list of 4 great software that can convert SWF to GIF. There are lots of similar ones on the web, how did I choose the 4 best SWF to GIF converters? I made sure they provide top features and options to convert easily. Also the output result should be excellent without any loss of visual quality. It shouldn’t skip frames when converting flash files into GIF.
SWF to GIF Animator is free software that allows you to convert SWF files to GIF. You can change the output GIF size, color depth, frame rate, etc. This software can work with all SWF files even the complex structured ones, with repeats and with a single frame. It is 100% freeware.
From the name you can guess it’s a SWF to AVI software but has the feature to convert SWF to various image file formats. It is simple to use and can convert SWF to AVI and various other video file formats such as 3GP, MP4, iPhone, Xbox, PS3, Zune, DVD, Blu-ray etc. It doesn’t skip frames while conversion and also has option to convert Flash to PNG, TGA, TIFF image with alpha transparent channel. On selecting the output option, choose SWF to Gif (animation) option. It has both free and paid version. Download and try out the free version.
This one is all in one converter that has SWF and FLV toolbox offering multiple types of conversion including SWF to GIF format. It is also possible to convert SWF to JPG, PNG or any other image file format. Similar to above software, you need to setup the output option to Animated GIF and get the output result without losing image quality. It has both free and paid version, download and try out the free version first. If you’re not satisfied with the output quality, try the first mentioned software which is 100% free with all premium functions.
SWF to GIF converter from 789Soft can support both Windows and Mac OSX platform. It can convert your SWF files to GIF format in a professional way. You can import the SWF file and convert into a GIF animation format. Later you can export GIF and extract picture list to extract separate picture. It also adds conversion of JPG, BMP, PNG files. It supports batch conversion and you can customize lot of parameters. It has got live preview, so that you can preview the output GIF file and adjust the output settings.