Sep 24, 2013

10 Best Software Tools to Create Animated Videos Online

Video is a powerful marketing tool. An image is worth a 1000 words. But a Video is worth ten thousand words. Animated videos are used more often to demonstrate a product, discuss online marketing strategies and have become a standard way of presenting information. It is one of the powerful tools to communicate with your consumers. There are lots of tools to create animated videos online. We have handpicked the best software to create animated videos.

Create Quick DIY Voiceover Animated Videos Online

Wideo can be used for creating quick animated videos online. You can use it for your production demos, presentations, teaching lessons, etc. You can create, edit and share videos. You can add your own images, fonts, animations etc. Wideo is widely popular among all ages and it’s one of the easiest tools to create your own animated videos in seconds. It has got a clear UI and anyone can use it. Just create your own free login, fill up your profile details, insert objects, type backgrounds, sounds and animated them in few clicks. Finally you can publish it, embed it or even share in social networks. The only disadvantage here is you cannot download the video in free version. If you want to download your creation, you need to pay a small fee of $29 to download 1 video. To download 5 wideos, you need to pay $99.
Again commoncraft can be used for creating product demos and short animated videos and presentations. It has 50+ readymade video demos that can be edited and used for your business. You can embed directly or even download it offline. Unlike other apps, it uses paper cut outs, drawings and voice over to create your animated videos.
Similar to common craft, powtoon allows you to create animated videos and presentations with paper cutouts and voiceover. You can create website videos, product demos, explainer videos and social clips. It is helpful for marketing professionals, small business startups and teachers. Once you signup, it has got readymade templates for each profession. Just select the template and edit it. Then the app opens up, each scene is presented as slides. You can edit each slide with your own object, text etc.
These are my 3 favorite tools to create animated videos online. There are lot more tools to make animated videos using images, text, audio and slideshows.

3 Best Tools to Create videos online without installing any software

Weavly for Educators is a video editing app for your classroom. You can create assignments; send the links to your students, group of students can work on those assignments and create a mash up of videos. Why should you use Weavly in classroom? Students are motivated to learn about a topic while creating their own video. It develops their creativity and helps them stay connected to their world and better express their understanding of core classroom content. You don’t have to install anything on your computer, you can get video content from YouTube, use animated GIF images, music etc.
Other similar video editing tools without installing any software includes Pixorial andWeVideo.

Four Best Video Slideshow Makers Online

You can create videos from image slideshows. There are lots of tools online to create slideshows with images, voiceover, music, bubble effects etc. You just need to insert your photos, customize your style by adding music, text, video style and then watch and share it with your friends. You can pull images directly from facebook, flickr or upload from your PC.