Sep 24, 2013

Animated Wallpaper Maker Software

We have already told you about the best wallpaper sites to download HQ desktop wallpaperswhich are 100% free. If you’re not satisfied with the wallpapers available there, you can create your own wallpaper with any picture you have. You can turn out any photo into beautiful animated wallpaper background for your desktop. With the static photo of yours, you can turn the static photo into animated picture and allow it to be your desktop wallpaper background.
Animated Wallpaper maker is a simple tool that allows you to customize your desktop background with amazing animations effects. With the little software you can add animation effects to your ordinary wallpapers. It supports windows xp, vista and win7.
You can also download their pre-made animation wallpaper projects. All the example projects are in .asw format and requires this wallpaper maker software to work. You can create a new one or just try this sample projects to make it as your wallpaper background.