Sep 6, 2013

AK Elite Review (AKElite)

AK Elite by Brad Callen is the first piece of software on the market that is specifically designed for Amazon Kindle analysis and rankings.

In other words, AK Elite will blast your Amazon Kindle book right to the top of the search results in Amazon – and make you tons of money with NO marketing or writing skills whatsoever!
In this AK Elite review, I’ll tell you all about the software, what it does, and how it can make you serious money as an Amazon Kindle book publisher! Keep reading…

How Anybody Can Make Money Online With AK Elite

Actual earnings from ONE Amazon Kindle Book
Actual earnings from ONE Amazon Kindle Book
Imagine if you could find the most searched for words and phrases in Amazon’s Kindle Store, and find areas that were untapped and unfilled by the current Kindle books. How much would that be worth?
If you’ve spent any time online you probably know that publishing Amazon Kindle books is HUGE right now and people are making a lot of money by creating books to sell there. In fact, there are dozens of ebooks you can buy already that will show you how to get started.
But why buy the ebook when you can get AK Elite? This software automates the process and helps you find those golden Kindle keywords quickly and effectively. You don’t need anything other than AK Elite to make thousands of dollars selling Kindle books. Seriously!

So How Does AK Elite Work?

I think this site is actually the first AK Elite review to show you how the actual software works! I guess some people haven’t really used it yet? ;)
Here’s how AK Elite makes Kindle publishing so profitable:
  • It lets you niche down to very specific, very profitable and very untapped categories on Amazon.
  • You can verify the “hotness” of your niche (i.e. how many searches are made and how much competition there is!)
  • Spy on your competition to figure out what keywords and categories they are targeting successfully.
  • Strategies you can use to zoom to the top of Amazon search results!
  • Access to the AK Elite Book Club – the ultimate “review building” system for Kindle.
  • How to use the right keywords in your title, cover and Kindle book descriptions.

An Example of How to Rank in Amazon’s Kindle Store With AK Elite

If you don’t know Brad Callen, he’s well known for his skills in getting websites to rank well in Google. So it should come as no surprise that he’s tested AK Elite thoroughly and hit #1 in Amazon Kindle searches for lots of highly profitable niches. Here’s an excellent example:

Weight Loss.

Although Brad hasn’t revealed the exact book he got ranking for the term, weight loss – he has said that he used AK Elite to get it to #1. I think he may now be the second position as the image below shows:
AK Elite Review - Kindle Weight Loss Result
How many thousands of people do you think search for “weight loss” in Amazon??
He has 24 reviews for this book and has published a bunch of others on similar health topics (which is one way to improve your rankings in Amazon Kindle search).
It’s pretty clear that he’s making $1000′s every month just from this very niche, specific Kindle books!

AK Elite Review: Is It Worth The Money?

I’ll be honest and say that although I’ve been making money online with search engine marketing and Facebook advertising for about 3 years, I didn’t know what to expect with AK Elite. I’ve never done any kind of publishing before!
Get your free Kindle Crusher ebook
Get your free Kindle Crusher ebook
All I really wanted was to get my initial investment into the software back. What actually happened is that Kindle publishing has become one of my biggest earners! I’m now spending 70% of my time creating and promoting Kindle books because it’s SO profitable.
If you want to get in Amazon Kindle publishing and actually making money with Kindle books then simply, you need AK Elite. You will see just how untapped certain areas of the Kindle store are and with this software you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.
Of course, this is just my AK Elite review. If you want more details and information, click here to go to the AK Elite website. If you enter your email address Brad will send you a FREE step-by-step guide to publishing a Kindle book using his tried and tested process!