Sep 24, 2013

How To Set Facebook To Auto Logout When You’re Away from PC

How can I automatically log out of Facebook after certain time interval or when I close the tab ? Lets discuss two things – 1. If you’re using your friends laptop and checked in to remember your username and password, forgot to logout and you’ve closed the tab. The next time when your friend logs into Facebook, it will be logged into your account. The second one is, How do I logout of facebook when am away from my PC. There is no official option to auto log me out of Facebook if I was, say, away for 5 minutes? How to overcome these two things ?
If you’re using Firefox, then there is a firefox extension that can enable Facebook auto logoutwhen you’re away from your PC or when ever you close the tab. You can set certain time period say 60 seconds. So if you close the tab and don’t open it for 60 seconds, you will be logged out of Facebook. Or if it finds you inactive for 60 seconds, then it will be automatically logged out of Facebook after 60 seconds. Cool isn’t it ?
This extension is very helpful for lazy people who forget or do not manually log out, then Facebook will maintain your session and your still logged in. If you use this extension, your logged out of Facebook when quitting Firefox or if you haven’t opened Facebook for configurable amount of time (the default is one minute). All Facebook cookies are removed, so you’re not logged in anymore and not traceable at least by these cookies.
The log out delay and notification options are configurable in the preferences menu of the Add-on Manager. Once you’ve installed the extension, open the addons > manager > auto log out facebook options and change the default time fro 60 seconds to your desired time gap. Then, start using facebook like a boss. The extension does 2 brilliant works. It automatically logs out after configured time of inactivity (sends notification) and if you close the facebook tab, it logs out from your account after configured time.