Sep 24, 2013

Find out the Relationship status of your Facebook friends

This crazy app allows you to find out the relationship status of your friends in a simple way. What it exactly does is, filtering the relationship column alone and displaying them in one single page. You can view all your friend’s relationships in one page.
All you need to do is, just go to and allow your facebook profile to authorize the app. Once done, you will be brought to relationbook dashboard where it displays list of your facebook friends who are single, in relationship, married, etc.
You can filter them such as list of males, females, single, in relationship, married, divorced, engaged etc. Also you can search for specific friends by name. Every profile and name is a link making it easy to navigate to your friends profile or their partner’s profiles.
This app would be useful for people who want to know which of their friends are married and female friends who are single (sounds creepy). Go have some fun !