Aug 8, 2013

Affiliate Marketing For Dummies

I finally decided to blog about this because I was tired of seeing so many people online complicate affiliate marketing when it’s really so simple.


  1. You refer or recommend a company’s products or services
  2. You find people who automatically buy now.
  3. You get a cut of the profits.
Cash in the bank! It’s that simple!
“Talking of cash in the bank, I assume you’re reading this because you’re fed up of not having an abundance of cash in the bank?
Fed up of not taking time off whenever you like?
Fed up of not living your dream?”
affiliate marketing for dummies
Well, you have the power to change your future now any time you want to.
As you pay attention to the experts, you’ll discover three things:
  1. You discover you can do things you never thought you can.
  2. You’ll discover you can find people who join you automatically now.
  3. You’ll discover that making money if fun!
So, back to the Affiliate Marketing for Dummies … Most of the time you will get paid your money as a percentage of the price. Here’s a quick example:
Let’s say you sign up to be an affiliate of the ABC company and refer somebody to their company website where ABC offers one of their products for sale at the price of $1000.
If your commission is 50% (the company I work with pays WAY more than this), then when your referral buys the product, you earn $500 for your sales commission.
Now, wouldn’t it make sense, with the affiliate marketing for dummies approach, that you don’t have to actually make the sale yourself?
affiliate marketing for dummies
Doesn’t it make sense that you pay attention to the experts who teach you how to find people who buy automatically now?
Doesn’t it make sense to take action & decide to change your future?

When you find the right company, you just refer people who buy now to their website using your special “affiliate” link and get paid your share!
So here are some of the main benefits you’ll enjoy making money as an affiliate “The Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” way:
1. You don’t have to create the product yourself.
2. You don’t have to worry about ordering, storing or maintaining inventory.
3. You don’t have to ship or deliver the product yourself.
4. You don’t have to provide customer service on behalf of the company.
5. You don’t have to hire a professional copywriter to write the ad to sell the product.
6. You don’t have to hire a professional web designer or graphic artist to make the sales page.
7. You can leverage the credibility of the company to sell the product and earn the commissions for yourself.
8. You can work anywhere in the world just using a computer and internet (even on the beach if you like!)
9. You set your own hours and determine your own schedule.
10. You can as many days off as you like!
11. You can go on vacations and travel the world.
12. You can use all kinds of free resources available on the internet to reach your potential referrals in creative ways.
13. There are many ways you can automate a system to work for you to make commissions for you on autopilot.
And these are just a few of the benefits of making money the easy “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” way!
The complete freedom of choice to change your future when you want to is entirely up to you!
This quick “affiliate marketing for dummies” guide you’ve just read explains affiliate marketing in its purest form. You can earn a full time income just referring new customers who buy now to a company’s sales page.
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Now that you have a good understanding of exactly what affiliate marketing is, let’s take a look at how you can actually begin to make money for yourself with this “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies“!

Here’s what you need to do next:

  1. Stop what you’re doing
  2. Click the FREE Presentation link below. 
  3. Decide to get in, all in.