Feb 14, 2015

Greatest IT challenges facing businesses today

 MoneyEnhancing and protecting business value: Aligning and integrating IT risk management and business continuity capabilities with broader, long-term business strategy. This has been a challenge to stay ahead of this with every client.

ShieldCybersecurity: Managing and strengthening security and privacy for the organizations’ systems and data is now a top priority across all industries. We have seen increasing numbers of hacks recently and believe it will continue to get worse.
ChartData Growth: Effectively organizing, managing, and securing growing amounts of data within the organization. This continues to be a challenge within all organizations as data grows exponentially.
SafeIT asset and data management: Improving data and information governance programs, driven by the growing use of mobile devices and applications and the continued integration of cloud computing into IT strategy and processes.
iPhoneMobile platforms and social media: Incorporating secure, integrated systems for mobile commerce, devices, etc., and addressing social media safeguards and strategy within the organization.

What security issues cause the greatest headaches for IT managers?

  • Microsoft security flaws, people not using complex passwords, forgetting their passwords, posting their passwords under their keyboards or in their drawers, using the same password for all logins on the web and within their organization.

How does masterIT help their clients address and mitigate these issues?

  • Utilizing our network Administration and myITprocess, we ask over 350 questions related to infrastructure and security that exposes these weaknesses and produces a report to clients to show them where they are exposed

What training or certifications does masterIT hold to keep on top of the ever-changing security landscape?

  • Microsoft Certificed Systems Engineer (MCSE), VMWare (VCP), SonicWALL (firewall security), ITIL, HIPAA Compliance for all staff members – all of these certifications deal with security in some way

Are there any other issues related to privacy or security our clients should know?

  • Yes, there are many, but the top 3 would be 1) do not use the same passwords for all sites 2) change your passwords every 3 months for anything related to online banking or financial matters 3) do not store passwords electronically without encrypting them

On a personal note, have you done anything fun this summer?

  • Yes, spending time with my family wake surfing, going to the lake with friends