Feb 14, 2015

Get Centralized Free Online on Odrive with Gmail, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive,Facebook

To add an app to odrive, double-click the app folder and login. This gives odrive permission to connect directly to your account, so you can sync your files to your desktop.
You can use odrive with Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, Gmail, Instagram, Microsoft OneDrive, Salesforce, and Oxygen Cloud, with many more integrations in the works.

odrive makes it easy to access multiple accounts from one place. There is no need to login and out of your accounts to switch between them. Add as many accounts as you need.

Unlink your app from odrive

No longer using Dropbox? You can easily unlink any app folder from your odrive. You'll have the option to keep the files on your computer or discard them if you no longer need them.

Communicate your data securely

Files in transit are always securely encrypted.

Your odrive folder connects and authenticates directly against the third party app of your choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) This means we never see your passwords and we do not store or copy any of your files.