Feb 14, 2015

Daily Tricks-Simple Hacks

Simple Daily tricks we use to make our lives easier. To make your life easier, check out the following 4 simple hacks that can be used around the home and office.
1. Protect Chargers
Are you tired of replacing these expensive iphone or android chargers when they wear out? To avoid this, remove the spring from a pen and slip it onto your charger at the top.
The spring will keep the charger from bending, breaking, or any general wear and tear.

2. Binder Clip Feet
Have you ever suffered through frustration due to an uneven keyboard caused by the loss of one of its feet? In the future, you can remove the metal tabs from a binder clip and attach it to the bottom of your keyboard by finding and inserting into the holes previously reserved for the feet of the keyboard. The metal tabs will serve as sturdy feet replacements.
3. Quick Measuring
Need a quick measure, but can never find a ruler? Take a picture of your ruler and set it as your phone’s wallpaper. Next time you need a quick measurement, you can use the ruler on your phone.

4. Printer Testing
.Recently changed the color ink cartridge in your printer, but not sure it is working correctly? Next time, use the google.com page as a printer test page. the google logo has all the colors you need to test, while using minimal ink.