Sep 24, 2013

Check Website Server Type & Find Out If Web Server Is Running

How to check web server is running ? Also what web server is a site running ? One of my friend asked me is there there a way to check out which version of a webserver im running ? I remember writing about a service called Builtwith that allows you to find the technology behind any website that you type in. It tells you the platform which the website is build and also other web elements. If you want to know about the server side of any website, here are few things that would help you.
If you’re on Linux or OS X, use curl with the -I option (to make a HEAD request and see the HTTP headers)
Go to and it allows you to plug in a website’s address, and it will analyze the headers and tell you the webserver in use. It tells you the OS, Web Server and Hosting History of any website URL that you type in.
If you want to find out where the website is hosted, then allows you to find which web hosting service is used by the website.
Another tool to get the server type by requesting the header information – Rex Swain’s HTTP Viewer. You need to change the request method to HEAD ( headers only ) and type in the URL on top. It will let you know the details.
Advanced users can do the HEAD request manually via telnet under DOS or Unix shell.
Hope this information will help you to find webserver that used on any website.