Sep 5, 2013

AKElite REview (AK Elite)

If You're Thinking About Buying AK Elite, How Will You Make Sure This 'Software' Becomes a REAL Money-Making Solution For You?

The truth is, if you don't know how to use AK Elite to build a quick, long-term income, its pretty much a WORTHLESS software.

So to help you get MORE cash with AK Elite, and get it FASTER, I wanna share some simple, underground strategies with you that can turn this software into a powerful money-getting tool.

On top of sharing my powerful strategies, I'll also guide you with 60 days of 1-on-1 consulting on your Kindle ebook projects (so you can avoid costly mistakes and fast-track your success).

...And to show you how confident I am that you will succeed by letting me help you, I'm offering a '$100 Out of My Pocket' Guarantee if you fail to make money with what I show you. 

In a nutshell, AK Elite helps you research profitable topics to write about, identifies the hottest keywords, and then helps you get your ebook ranked for those keywords. Brad's salesletter and his demonstration video do a pretty good job explaining how the software works, so I won't really get into that here (you can watch it by clicking the links below)...

But here's the thing, EVEN if you're ranked on Amazon for hot keywords, your ebook(s) may not get very many sales.

And thats assuming you actually PUBLISH an ebook in the first place!

Many, many people struggle with writing a decent ebook, and many people struggle with getting any lasting, meaningful sales once the book is published.

AK Elite CAN drive traffic to your ebook and get you lots of exposure, but that doesn't mean anything if you can't get a lot of sales. If you really wanna take your sales to the NEXT level, there are some specific, killer strategies that can help you get there...

...and I can help you with that. I can help you make REAL money with AK Elite, and make that money faster.

Yes, I'm an Affiliate for AK Elite and I Will Make Commission If You Buy Through My Link

But to be honest, I'm MORE interested in your long-term trust than I am in making commission. 

Thats because I want to turn you into a raving fan by personally helping you make money (its all about the long-term relationship).

Why the HECK Should You Listen to Me?

In short, because I've been marketing online full-time for almost a decade. I've sold over $350,000+ of my OWN Ebooks, built optin lists of 70,000+ subscribers in different niches and sold over $3 Million worth of products and services (I'm qualified to help you be more successful with internet marketing).

Ok, so new lets quickly go over how AK Elite works. Basically, its a software that: 

1) Reveals hot topics (keywords) for you to publish ebooks on.

2) Reveals how the top competing Ebooks are ranking for those keywords (in the Amazon Kindle marketplace).

3) Gets YOUR Ebook top rankings for those keywords (automatically).

See a video demo AK Elite here (make sure to come back to this post after watching the demo)

BUT, there's a strong RISK of you buying this software and getting very few sales with your ebooks.
Why would you fail? For these reasons:
  • Because your book Title, Description & Author Profile uses BAD copywriting (boring)
  • You take forever to put an ebook out (and you don't scale up your operations to make a decent income)
  • your ebook is poorly written and you get bad reviews

On top of that, how the HECK are you gonna write that book?!? Or how you gonna find a good writer to work with?

FAILURE is easy for someone new to selling Kindle ebooks.

But here's the good news: I'll make sure that these 'reasons for failure' don't HURT you...

...I'll give you my personal Writers to work with (who have done excellent writing for me)

...and I'll guide You to PHENOMENAL results with AK Elite.

I've hand-crafted an exclusive bonus, called the 'AK Elite Fast Cash Academy'. You'll receive daily short lessons and tips on how to CRUSH it with AK Elite.

The ‘AK Elite Fast Cash Academy’ is a series of daily short lessons, delivered to your email one lesson at a time. These short lessons contain powerful tips for making you more money, faster. Here’s what’s inside:
  • Actionable tips that you can implement right away (easy to understand, no waiting)
  • Access to MY team of writers (the ones that have written well for me). These guys and gals are extremely affordable, follow instructions and do a good job. You won’t have to worry about finding writers!
  • How to predict your Sales & Earnings in advance (so you can decide exactly how much you want to make per ebook, and not waste time making pennies)
  • The ‘Traffic Storm’ method for driving loads of non-Amazon FREE traffic to your ebook (this method can literally double your traffic & sales…it does NOT involve Facebook, PPC or any kind of paid advertising)
  • How to turn eyeballs(visitors) into customers, even if they DON’T buy your ebook (this clever trick allows you to make money from people who haven’t even bought your book)
  • The perfect way to conclude your book. By using this specific type of ‘close’, you can dramatically increase your sales (it has NOTHING to do with asking your reader for a review)
  • Copywriting templates you can use for your author profile and book description to increase conversions and charge a higher price (variety of templates you can easily swipe)
  • and much more

You Also Get 60 Days 1-on-1 Consulting With Me!

Whether you need to run your ideas by me or need help in promoting something, I've got you covered.

As you know, having an experienced marketer by your side can save you from making a lot of COSTLY mistakes, while fast-tracking your success.
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My $100 ‘Out of Pocket’ Money-Back Guarantee

If you publish and promote your first ebook using the AK Elite Software and following my Fast Cash strategies, its going to be extremely difficult not to make money.

But, if for some strange reason you FAIL, I will personally give you $100 out of my pocket (on top of the refund that you can get for your purchase of AK Elite).

So you can request your refund from Brad, and get $100 from me as a compensation for your valuable time! And you have a full 60 days to take this challenge.

Thats how confident I am that AK Elite + My Bonus WILL make you money, no doubt about it.
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Remember, this offer can’t last. I can’t provide the 1-on-1 consultations to everyone and the prizes are also limited. So act fast before I have to pull this bonus offer.

I’m truly excited to helping you become the next BIG Kindle success story!

Any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to PM me or reply to this thread.