Aug 20, 2013

FREE NAS (Network Attached Storage)

It is quite required to have a centralise storage (Network-Attached Storage) when you have large downloads and using couple of computers at home. There are many good but expensive solutions. This is quite easy way to set up a network attached storage really easily by spending little money (for the computer) by using FreeNAS. It will give good value to your old computer as well. 

Following video will give a good briefing about FreeNAS and how to install it.

It is quite simple. It required only 96MB RAM and can install it in a USB or external memory card. It takes only couple of minutes to complete the installation. I just download the image and burn it to a CD and boot it from the CD. You can attached any file format, external storage. 

Came cross small problem mounting a external hard drive. It keep on giving a error but no description or proper log. It was basically due to selecting the incorrect file type. It is always remember to check the file type before mounting the hard drive. 

Enjoy the free Network-Attached Storage and manage all your files in a one place.