Aug 20, 2013

Exploit KIT

Blackhole Exploit kit 1.0.2 Download for free

After the public release of zesus code, now the code of BlackHole exploit is available for download. The blackhole exploit kit us commonly used for drive by download attack.A one-year BlackHole license costs around $1,500, a semi-annual one $1,000 and a quarterly one, $700. Another option is to rent it for 24 hours ($50), one week ($200), two weeks ($300), three weeks ($400) or four weeks ($500). But now it is available for free and link is available on many website on the internet.

This is really a bad new for those who purchased the license of his kit, but now it's freely available.
One highly touted feature of BlackHole toolkit is its TDS or Traffic Direction Script. While this is not an entirely new concept in attack toolkits the TDS included her is much more sophisticated and powerful than those in other kits.  

Download Here: