May 2, 2013

How to create autorun file

   This is meant only for educational purpose and i do not encourage anyone to involve in any illegal activities and i am not responsible for that.

Ready to know how to create autorun file.Firstly autorun file is the windows file which will start immediately once you plugin your pendrives or your CDs.They are usually in the .inf format and is kept hidden from the user.Few days back i wrote a post on a particular autorun virus that was spreading fast and you can take a look at the solution for that virus here : Pendrive Autorun Virus

How autorun files are being created ?

Initially you do not need any extra tools for creating an autorun file,just a notepad can do this job for you.
Open a notepad from run command by pressing " WinKey+R " and then by typing "notepad" and click "ok".

An autorun files starts with the name autorun which is placed within the square brackets so that the compiler can understand that it is an autorun file , like this :
Few commands that can be used inside the autorun files are :

    label = Some drive
    The label command is used to set a drive name for your device.
    icon = someicon.ico
    Specific icon can be set for your drive.If you need a .ico files you can get it from here : IconArchieve
    open = filename.exe
    Use the command to open any files that are stored inside your pendrive.