May 2, 2013

How to Compresses 1GB file to 10MB file

 KGB Archiver is free and open source software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Version 2 beta 2 is available for Microsoft Windows and a command line version of KGB Archiver 1.0 is available for Unix-like operating systems. KGB Archiver is one of the few applications that works with the PAQ algorithm for making its KGB files. It has ten levels of compression, from very weak to maximum, a greater variety than that found in most other compression software. However, at higher compression levels, the time required to compress a file increases significantly.

System requirements

The minimum requirements for running KGB Archiver are:

    256 MB RAM
    1.5 GHz processor

Supports native .kgb files and .zip files

    AES-256 encryption
    It is able to create self-extracting archives
    Unicode is supported in both the user interface and filesystems
    Multilanguage support (including Arabic, German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, and Ukrainian)
    An Explorer shell extension is available for the windows versions.