Mar 21, 2013

Build own proxy site(open school collages website facebook and so on.)

Proxy is need of every Internet Surfer. For hackers it is must. But now these days in office and colleges many domain are blocked. But you can make your own proxy server to access all these sites.
There are tons of proxies available online and most of them are free (supported by advertising), but if you would like to keep things under your own control, without revealing your tracks to a third-party website, you can build your own proxy site using WordPress.

How To Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Proxy Site

Very simple for daily wordpress users, just install a plugin RePress - ‘repress’ here is short for ‘repressive’ as in ‘repressive regimes.’

Step 1: First of all enable Permalinks. Open your WordPress admin dashboard, choose Settings -> Permalinks and select any format for your Permalinks other than the default option. Save the changes.

Step 2: Now install plugin, go to Plugins -> Add New and search for Repress in the WordPress plugin repository. Install and activate the plugin.

Step 3: Next we need to whitelist website domains that should be accessible though our new WordPress based proxy server. Go to Settings -> Repress and add one or more domain names that you would like to access from work. Save.

Your proxy server is now ready for use. If your WordPress site URL is, you can access a site like using the URL But one important thing this plugin is still in Alpha Testing.