Sep 5, 2012

Compuware targets 50 percent of APM market in India

Compuware plans to capture more than 50 percent of the application performance management (APM) market in India. The domestic APM market, which currently stands at around USD 15-16 million is poised to touch USD 30 million by 2012 and USD 50 million in the next three years, says Neeraj Dotel, Managing Director-India for Compuware. Globally, the APM market size is about USD 2 billion.         
Compuware, the technology performance company, on Wednesday announced the availability of new website performance benchmarks in India for eight industries spanning across banking, brokerage, e-commerce, exchanges, insurance, media, portals, telecom and travel.     
Benchmarking refers to comparing and tracking web or mobile site performance against competitors in the industry and Internet leaders. It is the first step in determining whether your web or mobile site performance is supporting your business goals and meeting your customers’ expectations. This comparative measurement approach helps companies compete more effectively and make better decisions about investments in optimization projects, Dotel said.
The new Indian benchmarks will measure the performance of the home page of the websites of selected companies in each industry. In select industries, Compuware also launched its ‘Last Mile’ benchmarks that measure website performance based on the end users’ experience at the desktop. Compuware will launch 12 more benchmarks in the coming months.      
“Because benchmarking helps companies to better understand the connection between website performance, business results, and improved process discipline, it has become a valuable tool in today’s competitive online marketplace among leading international companies,” Dotel said. “With competitive benchmarking, companies can improve web performance and better manage their customers’ online expectations and experiences.”