Sep 5, 2012

Access Control System

What is Access Control System ?

Access control security systems are designed to restrict physical entry to only users with authorization. Many organizations, governmental and private, have started adopting access control security systems for physical entry into their facilities. Whether it is a simple non intelligent access control system like a punching in a password, or advanced biometric systems that scan and permit entry very specifically, there are many advantages to employing these security systems.

What Advantages of Access Control Systems ?

  • Reduced Requirement for Manpower
  • Allows Access and Restriction to Multiple Entries and Exits
  • Internal Levels of Restriction and Access
  • Time Based Control for Security Systems
  • Keeping Check of Punch-in and Punch-out Time
  • Biometric Systems

Types of Access Control Locks ?

Access control devices are the primary among the essential security products available for both residential and office security. The access control devices are easier to install and they are more effective than regular biometric access control devices. There are important types of access control locks which can be used in all places. These locks are mostly electrical devices which can be connected to many other devices like computers etc. easily.
  1. Door Locks – The door locks are the primary type of access control devices used for security purposes. These door locks can be used in houses and also in offices. They use keypad locking/unlocking system to operate.
  2. Fingerprint Locks – These access control devices will make use of finger prints for locking and unlocking. The can be connected to electricity to operate. These locks are mostly used in offices to control access in certain rooms and halls.
  3. Card Readers – Card readers are also a type of lock system in access control. These card readers are used for limiting the access in certain areas. Bar code reader which is a type of access control card reader does not fall under the access control locks category.
  4. Gate Automation - The gate automation system is used to operate the gates and main entrances of big houses and also in offices. Using access control gate automation system is a growing trend in India.
  5. Electronic Locks – This type of access control system has 2 sub-types:
    • Electromagnetic locks which can be mounted on the doors to restrict the invalid entries. When this access control device is powered, the magnet will be charged and disable the operations of the entry doors.
    • Electric strikes which are similar to the latches in the door panel. These latches can be enabled and disabled using electric power.

What is Iris Recognition in Access Control?

Iris recognition has been the most authentic and reliable security device used in access control security system. Iris scanner is used for physical security as it inspects far better than other iris recognition devices. Iris scanner will take a digital photo of the iris of a person which cannot be altered or manipulated with ease. The access control iris scanner will take the photograph of the iris of a person using infra red rays which are less or no harmful to the most sensitive organ of a human body. Once the digital photograph is taken,the iris scanner compares it with the recorded iris proof of a particular person to grant access. 

Advantages of Access Control Iris Scanner.

  • Iris scanner is much faster in doing the iris identification process than other iris recognition devices.
  • Iris scanners are capable of recognition more than a million different subjects and can produce results without confusion.
  • Iris scanner can not only be used as a recognition or attendance device in access control but they can also be used as locking system.
  • The imaging process of iris scanner involves no harmful infra red rays or laser lights that will affect the subjected part.
  • Iris recognition devices in access control system are also available with voice support which is an added advantage.
  • It is easy to search through the access log of the device anytime and acquire the data.
  • Iris scanners consume very less electricity thus they are pocket friendly too.
  • Iris recognition device of access control system can be used in severe weather conditions too.