Nov 24, 2011

Download Mac OS Lion Skin Pack and Transform Windows 7 To Mac OS X Lion 10.7

Who in this world does not want to enjoy the both worlds of great operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. If you are a windows user and want to enjoy the Mac OS operating system GUI than there is a Mac OS transformation pack which totally transform your windows 7 GUI into latest version of Mac OS X Lion. This pack will hide your windows 7 task bar and install Apple Dock so that you enjoy the environment of Mac OS. Mac OS Lion Skin pack will also install boot and login screens which are 100% resemble with the official Apple Mac OS lion.
In order to install Mac OS Lion Skin Pack you need Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 X86(32Bit) and X64(64Bit). Before installing Mac OS Lion Skin Pack keep in mind that this pack takes some time to install because it have to patch some system files and replace the default boot/login screens as well. So in some cases this theme pack might not work very well so before installing please read all the system requirements.