Jan 18, 2011

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Hi friends i hope you all are fine. Today I have an mind-blasting service for you only by latest-hackers.co.cc , this servsice is the best online anonymous mailer service in the world because its 100% free and no need for any account or any restriction of IP address, you can use it as much as you want ..

Do you want to send an email anonymously because, for example, you fear your views might not be appreciated by your boss? When avouching your opinion in public — critically important under more favorable circumstances — is unhealthy, anonymitybecomes vital. Here i have an easy to use website that provide this service. I am writing this post because there are some things that must be said, even when the speaker must remain anonymous.

Lets start:

Things to keep in mind :-

you have to use email sender which exists in the world

eg:- you can't use support@google.com as a sender otherwise it will not work
eg:- you have to use email sender which is their like  john@gmail.com

Facility :-

It has the many functions like attach any photo , songs , etc .

How to use it :-

just go to http://www.fake-mailer.net.ms/

Why sending anonymous emails is important :-

•Anonymously report sensitive information to the media

•Send crime tips to law enforcement agencies anonymously

•Report wrongdoing or theft at the workplace

•Voice concerns to school principals anonymously

•Report child or any other abuse

•Initiate an anonymous chat discussion

•Share suspicions regarding a friend or loved one