Jan 17, 2011

hacking hacker

Hacking The Hacker Instantly New Trick To Take Revengue On Them

Now a days we can't trust anyone even an trusted company as it can send us spyware or server.exe and it will send all passwords from our pc to hacker so to take revengue read full post...

If you have read my article on hacking using key loggers, then you can understand this article.

So in this article I will explain to you how you can hack the password of the person who sent a key logger to you to hack.

HOW DARE HE????!!!! Come on lets teach him a lesson

So you scanned your computer and found a key logger remotely sending logs to the person who created it. Don’t freak out. Don’t delete it before you have had your revenge on him.

Download this software: BINTEXT

( note:- you can also use any hex editor )


Run it.

Open your desired key logger from the browse tab and then click go

Now we have to find his username and password. At the space filled before find type yahoo or gmail or @ symbol. It can be anything the hacker uses to get your logs from.

That’s all. Now leave a comment for me because I helped you hack a hacker. You can even get a lot of passwords by going to youtube and downloading fake programs which contains backdoors or Trojans and scanning them in the way you I taught you just now.

You hacked a hacker. Its something worth telling.