Dec 21, 2010

Linux Vulnerabilities

What Are The Vulnerabilities?
The main vulnerability of Linux OS is that anyone can access the code of the operating system. And, if you are not savvy enough with the programming code like hackers are. You only need to search for the correct free Linux hacking tool and you will be able to get inside in no time.
The other problem is that many of the drivers made for determined hardware. Let’s say, a printer is not created by people who have security in mind. This is especially important for a company who do not wish to find its intellectual property is stolen each time they send something to the printing room.
So, after all of these possible loopholes inside Linux OS, you should consider using a version that has been designed with security in mind. Check and find more about this variation of Linux OS.
What Is Kernel Hacking?
The kernel is the software inside a computer that is in charge of maintaining an adequate communication between the hardware and the rest of the software. One of the strong points among the Linux community is that the kernel of a Linux OS can be altered. And for what reason? The two main motives are fixing any problem that may arise and increase the efficiency of a driver responsible for managing a determined piece of hardware
Hacking Runescape
Runescape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was launched in 2001 . The marvelous thing about this online game is that it is independent of the operating system that you are using since it works over the web using JAVA (JAVA is a platform that can work in any kind of computer since it creates a virtual machine for its own use).
But as in any online game, you will find people who are hacking Runescape. Although it is free to use and only requires some basic information for its subscription, some hackers are willing to spend their time trying to find a backdoor or any other scheme that will permit them obtain an advantage over other players. One could say that it is inevitable due to the competitive nature of our species.
So, Runescape hacking, hacking programs for Runescape, free password hacking programs for Runescape, files for hacking Runescape and hacking Runescape accounts has become quite common among players. Although some could say that there is no grace in doing this since it is basically cheating, hackers don’t think the same. For them, using any method for being the best in the game isn’t only good; it’s what is expected from any human being.
Thanks to free network hacking tools, hackers from around the world with a basic knowledge of English and some practice with computers, can start lurking networks everywhere, waiting for their chance to success and increase their reputation inside the hacking community. Although right now Windows is the preferred platform, Linux hacking will become a favorite amongst hackers.