Dec 22, 2010

Google Fun

  • If you type "google gravity" and then click "I'm feeling lucky" on Google, the entire page will lose it's gravity and you get to play with it.
  • If you type "elgooG" and then click "I'm feeling lucky" on Google, will take you to a Google website that is completely backwards.

This backwards version of the ultra-popular search engine will come up directly if you click the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button instead of ‘Google Search.’ The site was originally created just for fun, but has actually become quite useful in China after Google was banned there.

  • If you type “Google pacman” and hit “im feeling lucky” then instead of “Doodle”(Google Logo), you will find Pacman Game created by Google. Click on “Insert Coin” (which is at place of Im feeling lucky button) button and you can play 1 player pacman. Double click to play 2 player version of same Game.

Google replaced doodle by Pacman Game on its 30th anniversary.

  • Type “Find chak norris” and hit “Im feeling Lucky”. You will get very interesting result.

  • Type “Google Easter Eggs” and hit “Im feeling Lucky”, You will find a special Google Game especially for you.

  • Type “Early Google” and hit “Im feeling lucky”, you will get Google History Milestones.

  • Type “Google Heart Page” and hit”Im feeling lucky”, and play with your heart.