Dec 5, 2010

Download dead torrents faster

Seed Torrents faster | Download dead torrents faster

How many of you have had this problem
 ? I get frustrated when i see the same download speed nearly for 2 days.So today i have an good method and a working one of course, because I checked it myself and seemed to be working right.

What does this method actually do ?

It quite simple if i have to put it in points..

  • Faster Seeding for uploader.
  • Relatively faster downloads than earlier for leecher.

Now what we are going to do is add a "HELL LOT OF TRACKERS" to the current ones. (What are Trackers ?)

Here is a list of about 1200+ Trackers,that is going to boost your download experience by like x10 or something :p

How to increase the speed ?

So now coming to the point this is what you have to do.First of all you have to copy this torrent list (Ctrl + C).

Here is the download link for the torrent list : 1200+ Torrent Tracker & Seed list

After copying it.
then open the Properties of any torrent in utorrent.
Goto General tab....
Paste all trackers in Tracker List

After doing that wait for a while for the trackers to update.It might just restart your speed for a minute or two but then it comes back to normal.So nothing to worry about that.