Dec 5, 2010


Usually while you are trying to run c or cpp on a windows 7 or windows vista os it will not open in full screen.

if you choose ignore the editor will run on a small non re-sizable window, The other option is close to close the window.Then how can you run it on full screen?.  Here in this post i am discussing about the same issue you are facing for long. All you have to do is download the software provided here and follow the steps in order.
1. Download the Software DOSBOX provided below the post.
2. Install it and run the application.
3. at the prompt in dosbox window type  “intro mount” to get a window .
4. Type “mount c c:\tc” ( if “tc” is the name of folder you copied all files of turbo c change it if you have given any other name)
5. Then type type “c:”
6. Type “cd bin” to change your directory to c:\tc\bin
7. Type “tc.exe” to run Turbo C

8. Now press ALT+ENTER KEY to run it on full screen.