Nov 9, 2010


UART communication


An UART, universal asynchronous receiver / transmitter is responsible for performing the main task in serial communications with computers.A second UART can be used to receive the information. The UART performs all the tasks, timing, parity checking, etc. needed for the communication. The only extra devices attached are line driver chips (MAX 232)capable of transforming the TTL level signals to line voltages(RS 232) and vice versa.


The MAX232 is an integrated circuit that converts signals from an RS-232 serial port to signals suitable for use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits. The MAX232 is a dual driver/receiver and typically converts the RX, TX, CTS and RTS signals..


The sample code for UART communication is written in Code Vision AVR.The controller  is programmed to transfer and receive the data at the baud rate of 9600.The controller used is ATMEGA 32. The datas transmitted by microcontroller can be viewed on hyper terminal or by using X-CTU software.The datas can be transmitted to controller by assemble packets in terminal tab.