Nov 9, 2010

Obstacle Detector

Obstacle Detector


An obstacle detector robot is a system which navigates with respect to an obstacle and a sensor subsystem having a defined relationship with respect to the obstacle and aimed for detecting the obstacle.


The sensor subsystem includes an infrared led which emits a directed beam having a defined field of emission and a infrared detector having a defined field of view which intersects the field of emission of the led at a region. A circuit (using BRiCS AVR kit) in communication with a detector redirects the robot to avoid obstacles. A similar system is employed to detect walls.


The software for this project is written in Eclipse notepad. The AVR-GCC compiler has build in commands for reading out the ADC port of an AVR microcontroller. The result of IR sensors output is displayed on a LCD module.  Then we use an algorithm to comparing this sensors output and accordingly giving directions to detect obstacles.

Source Code for Obstacle Detector